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Awards & Financial Support

  • Conseil Général des Hauts de Seine (2012)
    Grant received in the framework of the Initiatives Jeunes Solidaires to conduct an ethnopharmacology project in Cambodia.
  • SO’BiO étic & Club 1% for the Planet (2011)
    Nomad RSI was awarded a grant from the Groupe Lea, "SO’BiO étic" and "Club 1% for the Planet" for the project of preservation of traditional therapeutic knowledge and conservation of medicinal plants in North-western Cambodia.
  • Small Initiatives Grant (PPI), French Fund for the World Environment and International Union for the Conservation of Nature, France (IUCN) (2008)
    Nomad RSI was awarded in the category of "biodiversity conservation" for the project "traditional medical knowledge and herbal gardens" conducted in Cambodia. The objective of this project is to study and protect the medicinal plants used by the Bunong ethnic minorities
    More on the award (in French)
  • French Parliamentary Reserve (2007)
    Nomad RSI became a national laureate of the French parliamentary reserve, coming from the budget of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. The award is for the development of an applied research project on environmental conservation in north India.
  • "Allachy Award", Plantlife International (2005)
    In September, Plantlife International granted Nomad RSI an Allachy Award for the medicinal plant conservation to project in the Indian Himalayas.
  • “Terre de Femmes” Prize, Yves Rocher Foundation - Institut de France (2005)
    Nomad RSI (Karma Chodon and Elen Galien) received the “Women and Environment” prize awarded by the Yves Rocher Foundation, in recognition of the work carried out on medicinal plant conservation in Ladakh.
    Know more on the award...
  • “Humanitarian Prize”, Madame Figaro (2002)
    This prize is awarded each year to four women who have implemented original and commendable actions in the humanitarian field. Muriel Hernandez, co-founder of Nomad RSI, was thus recognised for her work since 1998 on Tibetan medicine in Ladakh.
  • “March for Solidarity”, Lycée Sainte Marie de Nevers, Toulouse, France (2002)
    This High School from Toulouse organised a march to raise financial support for four local organisations working in the field of international solidarity. Nomad RSI was chosen to be one of their 2002 laureates.
  • “North-South Solidarity Grant” (1999 and 2002)
    This grant is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / European Guild of RAID and is presented each year at the Agen Forum (a meeting of international development professionals). Nomad RSI was twice selected for this award:
    1999: Ladakh project (Revitalization of Tibetan medicine)
    2002: Senegal project (Artemisia annua)
  • Global Ideas Bank, UK (2001)
    Nomad RSI’s project in Himalayan India was selected by the Institute for Social Inventions, London, and was integrated into the “Global Ideas Bank”.
  • “Rolex Award for Enterprise” (2000)
    This international prize is amongst the best-known in the field of environment and development, and was awarded to Laurent Pordié in New York. It was given in recognition of the pertinence and originality of the applied research project in Ladakh and of the spirit of enterprise displayed by the candidate.
    Project outlines (2000)
    Read more on the project on the Rolex Awards website
  • “Yuthog Cup” (2000)
    This international prize was presented to Laurent Pordié by the University of Tibetan Medicine, Lhasa (Tibet Autonomous Region) and the Chinese Medical Association for Minorities. The presentation was made during the International Conference on Tibetan Medicine, held at Lhasa.
  • “Bourse de la Vocation”, Fondation Bleunschtein-Blancher (1999)
    This award recognises professional development. In 1999 the first prize was awarded to Muriel Hernandez during a ceremony held in Paris and was presented by Jacques Chirac, then President of the French Republic. The prize enabled the development of Nomad RSI’s programmes.
  • “ISTOM Development Prize” (1999)
    This grant is awarded to innovative development projects by a Parisian institute of international agricultural development. Nomad RSI received the first prize in 1999 (Paris).
  • Défi Jeune”, Ministry of Youth and Sport, France (1997)
    This prize was awarded at the very birth of Nomad RSI (then Nomad ‘Health & Education’) for offering a new alternative in international solidarity (Paris).

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