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Calum BlaikieCalum Blaikie is the President since 2008. A graduate in Social Anthropology (University of Kent), Calum gained his MSc in Development Studies at SOAS (London). He is currently back at Kent and conducting his PhD research in Anthropology, examining the causes and consequences of changes in the economy of the medicinal materials used in Tibetan medicine in Ladakh, India. Between 2001 and 2007, Calum occupied a number of positions within Nomad RSI, including that of Programme Director. He takes charge of the overall supervision of the organization.

Laurent PordiéLaurent Pordié has been a member of the BD since 1997, when he co-founded the organization in Cambodia, having worked there for some time in the development field. Following his initial training in ethno-pharmacology and pharmacy, Laurent studied anthropology and has since then dedicated his professional and research activities to the discipline (as a reseacher with the CNRS). A past President of the organization, he is now the Research Director for Nomad RSI. He has mainly been living in Asia between 1995 and 2011 (Cambodia, Ladakh and Tamil Nadu).

Elisabeth DodinetElisabeth Dodinet has been the General Secretary since 2006. She has been a member of the organisation since the first year of its creation and became a member of the Board of Directors in 2001. A graduate in Political Science, she worked for twenty years in business and consultancy before converting to Botany in 1995. She is currently completing her PhD in Archaeological Botany at the Ecole des hautes etudes en sciences socials (EHESS), Research Centre on the Prehistory and Protohistory of the Mediterranean (CRPPM), Toulouse. Elisabeth also holds the post of General Secretary in the Botanical Society of France. She contributes to the Ladakh project in a number of ways, particularly in terms of botanical methodologies, and also plays an important role in all Nomad RSI’s work on medicinal plants.

Vincent BrisardVincent Brisard has been Treasurer since 2007. He joined Nomad RSI in 2001, working on the Ladakh programme. A Law graduate from the Universities of Caen and Belfast, Vincent went on to the Institute of Political Studies, Aix-en-Provence, where he studied International Relations. He then specialized in Legal Anthropology at the University of Paris 1. He has pursued research examining the Kivu conflict and land issues in Cambodia, and has worked as the Coordinator of a European network of information and lobbying on Global Financial Institutions. He is responsible for the financial management of Nomad RSI and contributes actively in those aspects of the organisation’s work that concern indigenous rights.

Elen GallienElen Gallien has been a member of the BD since 2005. Trained in Development Studies at the University of Bordeaux, she worked for a number of years as the General Administrator of Nomad RSI and Coordinator of the France Programme. She has pursued all of her professional career in international aid (Cambodia and India) and contributes the competencies gathered through this work to advise Nomad RSI, particularly concerning general management and programme orientation.

Mathieu GonordMathieu Gonord was the Programme Director from 2008-10 but is now still active from his home in France. He is a Geographer who specialized in environmental issues at the University of La Rochelle. He also holds a MA in international development program management from the Institute of Public Relations & Communications (IRCOM) in France. He joined Nomad RSI in October 2008 and set up his residence in Phnom Penh. He shared his time between the programs in Cambodia and the Indian Himalayas. Mathieu was in charge of the overall coordination and management of the organization, focusing on leading the teams towards autonomy, a process now well underway.

Fanny JametFanny Jamet specialized in Political Science (“International relations and overseas development”, La Sorbonne, Paris) is a member of the BD since 2009. She joined Nomad RSI in May 2005. She has worked for one year at the head office in Toulouse, and hold the post of Programme Director until 2008. Her role concerns the general functioning of the organization, capacity building of the local teams and their preparation for future autonomy.

Pascale Hancart PetitetPascale Hancart Petitet has been a member of the BD since 2004 and an active contributor to Nomad RSI since 2001. An Anthropologist, she divides her time between the Ardèche in France and Asia, where she works on reproductive health. Before becoming a researcher (at the CReCSS, Université Paul Cézanne, France), Pascale worked for ten years as a midwife and coordinator of international aid programmes working on maternal and child health in Mauritania, Angola, Pakistan and Afghanistan. She brings her specialist knowledge of maternal and child health to Nomad RSI, as well as advising more broadly on project design and management.

Laura MartelliLaura Martelli has been a member of the BD since September 2008. Laura first trained in anthropology (Paris 8, St Denis/University of Montreal, Canada) and later specialised in public health and project management (Paris X, Kremlin Bicetre/Université Victor-Segalen, Bordeaux 2). Her working experience took her to Burkina Faso before joining Nomad RSI in Cambodia as a General Coordinator (July2007- Nov 2008). Laura is now based in Paris and works as the Head of the Cluster on Marginalized Populations at Sidaction. With Nomad RSI, she is helping with the coordination and projects set up of various programmes in Cambodia and Ladakh.

Damien ProvendierDamien Provendier is a member of the BD since 2000. He is advising on agronomic and ecological issues, as well as on many aspects relating to medicinal plants. Currently an Ecologist in the domain of biodiversity and urban ecology at Plante & Cité, French Center for Landscape and Urban Horticulture, he worked for a number of years at the Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Environment (Cemagref). His work has been largely focused upon forest ecology and has taken him to Borneo, Cambodia and Senegal in addition to his work within his native France. Besides his work with Nomad RSI, Damien is the coordinator of Flora Peregrina, an association of artists and ecologists.

Technical Advisor

Cécile Lestrade is a Technical Advisor on public health issues. A psychiatrist by training, she also works as physician algologist in the University Hospital of Toulouse. Cécile also holds a MA in Social Anthropology from the EHESS, Paris, on traditional healing methods in France. Her interests pertain to medical traditions and alternative healing practices.

Members of the programmes

Project representatives from Ladakh (India) and Cambodia, gathered in Paris during the 10th anniversary of Nomad RSI (Oct. 2007). From left to right: Karma Namgyal, Sarun Sorn, Tsewang Gonbo, Tri, Amchi Karma Chodon © Nomad RSI - 107.1 kb

Programmes members appear in their respective project pages. Click on this link to meet the members of Nomad RSI Cambodia. (in construction...)

The members of the Ladakh project today belong to Ladakh Society for Traditional Medicines, the organisation in charge of the operational aspects of the programmes in North-western India.

Find here the members of the Nomad Research Unit.

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