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Nomad RSI 10 years anniversary

At the confluence of therapeutic practices

Since 1997, Nomad RSI has been working in the domain of international health, encouraging therapeutic diversity and the protection of the environment. Health problems are approached in their multiple biological, social, environmental and economic dimensions. The organisation supports a range of therapeutic forms, each of which brings a different response and a different remedy for people who are, or who feel themselves to be, suffering. From this realisation, the idea of a reasoned medical pluralism is born, in which medical systems of many kinds, including biomedicine, can independently find their place.

The organisation's projects are principally conducted in the South and largely involve disadvantaged, minority communities. Nomad RSI is committed to the development of therapeutic systems and to the sustainable utilisation of therapeutic natural resources. Most projects aim to address the social inequalities shaping healthcare access and, in the case of ‘traditional' medicine, to preserve local culture. In addition, Nomad RSI supports and conducts various activities in Europe, so as to bring global (and local) health and environmental issues into the spotlight.

The organisation comprises a Research Unit in which independent research is conducted, with the aim of better understanding the social dynamics and transformations under way in the regions where project work takes place. Other research work examines different dimensions of the reconfiguration of therapeutic space in society. These studies lead to various publications.

Nomad RSI bases its programmes upon long-term collaboration between local teams, a small number of international development workers, and academic researchers. The interaction between these forms of knowledge is fundamental to the vision and operation of the organisation, yet it also demands constant negotiation around the many obstacles inherent to this process. In this way, Nomad RSI attempts to bring a modest contribution towards a better world.

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