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Regular positions at the Nomad Research Unit are available for students (MPhil and PhD) in Northeast Cambodia, in the Ladakh region of the Indian Himalayas, and in France. Disciplines concerned: social and medical anthropology, sociology, political science, development studies, ethnobotany.

Applicants must be fluent in English and have an excellent command of French for France-based research programmes.

- Recruitment of anthropologists for the project in the province of Mondolkiri (Cambodia) are encouraged. The Nomad Research Unit wish to develop a vast anthropological programme in the province of Mondolkiri. Topics include: the anthropology of organizations (Nomad RSI), the social organization of the Phnong (Bunong) people, the therapeutic practices and the social role of traditional healers and biomedical personel, and the anthropology of malaria. Research activities will also focus on the social, environmental and health consequences of ecological change in the region.

- Recruitement of anthropologists for the project in France are encouraged. Topics include: local environmental knowledge (medicinal plants) in the Pyrenees and the study of Asian medical systems in France.

Make sure you carefully look at this website for information on the current activities and research programmes before contacting Nomad RSI for further details.

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