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Mondulkiri Resource and Documentation Centre

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Nomad-RSI’s research and interaction with ethnic minorities in Mondulkiri has generated undiscovered, new and valuable information. Originally health-related, soon it expanded to include cultural knowledge in danger of being lost. The idea therefore was born for a multi-purpose Resource and Documentation Centre (MRDC) to be established in Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri province. A highly collaborative project has been developed culminating in substantial funding through multi-UN Agencies’ (UNESCO ILO, FAO and UNDP) Creative Industries Support Project from MDG-F (Spain). It is the first such facility of its kind. Initially it will operate from rented accommodation.

The project is based on three main objectives:

  • To collect, gather and classify all available research data and information regarding the environment, culture, history and development of Mondulkiri, and to facilitate public access to and use of this knowledge.
  • To facilitate coordination and sharing among all the active stakeholders in the province while creating a focal point for them.
  • To contribute to the development of local cultural enterprise activities.
Training of MRDC librarians in Phnom Penh, Cambodia © Nomad RSI - 35.7 kb

The overall programme is designed to strengthen local capacities to take advantage of their creative and entrepreneurial potentials in order to develop and preserve performing and living arts; living human treasures; handicrafts; traditional music and other creative or native talents, with special focus on protecting indigenous cultures and identities. The MRDC will provide a co-ordinating base, with Nomad RSI being asked to facilitate establishing local leadership with most prominence to Bunong people. Therefore in order to build confidence, skills, and knowledge to do this in a sustainable way, the complementary Capacity-Building Project was also taken on.

The challenge for 2011 and beyond is to secure a sound funding based for MRDC. This requires external donor support for at least the next two years while the Centre and its facilities and services are developed. Eventually, it is hoped that fees, donations, and commercial sales will support running costs.

The long-term aim is for a permanent facility to be built in Sen Monorom. Nomad RSI is working with UNESCO, Ministries of Culture and of Rural Development and other partners in its plans.

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