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Trek in Ladakh, Himalayan India - Dates and Itineraries 2010

Go trekking with Nomad RSI and contribute to our activities in the Himalayan region of Ladakh, North-western India. Part of the total cost of the trek (10%) is used to develop the project entitled "Revitalization of Tibetan medicine and medicinal plants conservation".

Help to preserve an ancient medical heritage and its pharmacopoeia, discover the culture of Ladakh, while being guided by mountains specialists.

Discover Ladakh with Nomad RSI © Simon Georget - 114 kb

Two itineraries are offered this year, in Changthang and Zangskar, so as to make up groups of 6 to 8 people. Adapted itineraries are however possible, according to people wishes, physical and time constraints. Besides the two treks below, we offer botanical walks, which include introduction to Tibetan medicine. These treks can be done in the regions of Markha, Nubra, Sapi etc., for shorter durations between 15 July and 15 August.

For a personalised itinerary, please contact Lungta travel agency, our local partner for more information: lungtatreks@yahoo.com.

Trekking in the Himalayas required a good physical condition
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Among the nomadic pastoralists in Changthang, 1-22 july

Following ancient caravan trails, this trek goes through open grasslands, jagged peaks, turquoise lakes, picturesque villages, Buddhist monasteries and high passes. You will also have the opportunity to meet the nomadic pastoralists who roam the high Tibetan plateau. This trek is graded among the tough ones. It is conducted specially for those who prefer not to indulge in easy treks. Our crew members and their logistic expertise, including horsemen, have the ability to tackle the sudden hardships that could occur in case the weather is not favorable. The journey ends at Tsomoriri (4 550 m), a wonderful high altitude lake, which is also the reproduction area of a variety of endangered migratory birds.

More details on the itinerary (pdf format)
All inclusive price per day and per person : 50€

A journey to Zangskar, 15 July - 6 August

Nature, Culture and Medicine

This trek is specially designed for those who have a thirst for natural diversities like plants and animals. This trail passes through various summer places of Ladakhi people where yaks and other domestic cattle are reared in huge quantities. Kanji, Rangdum and many other spots on this trail are gifted with abundant medicinal herbs. The time is chosen wisely when Himalayan herbs are in full bloom. Apart from being a natural exploration the trail leads you through different villages where you will be in close contact with local life. You will also meet Tibetan medicine practitioners (named amchis) in Kanji, Rangdum, Hamiling and Lingshed.

More details on the itinerary (pdf format)
All inclusive price per day and per person : 50€

The historical Indus Valley, 10 days between 15 July and 15 August

This trek is specially designed for those with little time and inexperienced trekkers (3 days walk). You will be taken to various Buddhist monasteries of the Indus valley and discover its magnificent landscape. While walking through various villages, nature lovers will be introduced to the local flora.

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